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How Kind Meds tripled their monthly traffic with Eminent SEO

We helped Kind Meds establish their brand online and triple their monthly traffic through a combination of targeted search terms and a long term content marketing strategy.

Since working with Eminent SEO, our store sales increased by 300%, and with metrics like that, it’s hard to argue.

Jason Echon—


The Challenge

Drive local medical marijuana cardholders to the small dispensary using their website and organic techniques.

Their store is hard to find and when they came to us they had no website, social media or digital assets beyond a logo.

In order to increase sales, we knew we must first boost local interest in medical marijuana

With the laws around cannabis still prohibiting businesses from operating under a federally regulated system, big websites, such as Facebook and Google, still don't allow paid advertising.

Kind Meds had tried to use social media on their own to drive local awareness and buyers to their store. However, in doing so they violated the terms and ended up getting banned from social media.

Also, since opening their doors over a decade ago now, many new dispensaries have opened up making it a much more competitive marketplace.

This, along with the lack of education and local awareness around the benefits of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, caused their sales to decline.

Kind Meds was spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive Billboards and paid banner ads on cannabis media sites.... and they weren't seeing the value or return.

We knew we could change that.


The Solution

Create a long term organic strategy that would compound over time.

A compounding strategy

The team at Eminent SEO wanted to position Kind Meds as the quality dispensary they are. Their products are on the high-end compared to the competition, so it was important to reach the local market and push quality over price.

Eminent SEO worked with Kind Meds to develop out the target buyers and the strategy to reach them at every stage of the journey, including post sale and repeat customers.

This meant creating a new WordPress site and incorporating: a blog, educational content, useful tools, social media, videos and email marketing centered around the user and local community.

We also wanted to equip the team with the right tools and technologies to make their on and offline asset management more efficient.

“Eminent SEO became an extension of our team—they kept us involved every step of the way. By keeping their actions transparent, they gave us knowledge to help make better decisions for our business moving forward."

To kick things off, we begun by looking at competitors and the gaps in the market. We analyzed the gaps for healthy keywords, potential links and a long term content marketing strategy that would allow Eminent SEO to build strong assets for the brand.

By focusing on white hat, organic strategies, we gave Kind Meds a compounding approach to their search rankings, allowing them to stay ahead in the coming years.


  • Build and increase traffic to the Kind Meds website
  • Grow the email subscriber list
  • Grow the social followers and local reach
  • Increase store visitors and conversions
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    New Brand Assets

    Custom website design, content, photography and video

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    The Assets

    A Custom Website

    See it here:

    High End Stock Photography

    Product Photography


    Social Content

    Facebook Graphics

    Video Graphics

    Video Production

    Educational Videos

    Check out our live work:






    The Results

    An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

    Growing organic monthly traffic

    We’re proud to say that over the course of the first 4 months of the campaign, Kind Meds consistently tripled their monthly traffic. In this time, we launched the site with a blog and resource content as the main driver of engagement, along with supporting organic social posts and emails.

    Through our organic efforts, within only four months we saw a huge increase in organic rankings in traffic to their website. This tells us that despite the challenges and limitations of not being able to utilize paid ads, there is still a lot of opportunity with organic SEO. Because hemp products and medical cannabis is still new online, now is the time to jump on digital marketing.

    A lot of hemp, CBD and cannabis businesses are not digital yet, or just doing basic online marketing and not investing in their websites and branded asset development (videos, blog posts, press, infographics, deeply researched articles. etc.). This leaves a lot of opportunity for anyone willing to invest in SEO for their hemp or cannabis business.

    If you need to advertise your hemp, CBD or cannabis business online, give us a call. We can build you an exciting brand, quality website, get you organic traffic and build you a solid foundation through outreach and SEO that will crush the competition and benefit your business for years to come.

    It's all about sustainability! 

    Our love for the health and wellness space drives our passion for helping hemp, CBD and cannabis brands. For decades now we've been helping entrepreneurs and businesses of every size develop the right marketing solutions for long term growth and sustainability,

    We're Ready

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